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We have a general accounting and bookkeeping vacancy with the following requirements:

Duties full or part time.

The preferred candidate will have bookkeeping and accounting work experience.

A candidate with accounting subject passes at AAT and little or no accounting work experience will be considered provided knowledge of accounting for prepayments and accruals is demonstrated in a covering note to the CV and at interview. The candidate will need to agree to take notes whilst our staff give training. In addition, the candidate would agree to spend time at home collating and reading the notes. Thus, we are prepared to give a candidate with good knowledge of accounting theory a chance.

Must have AAT qualification or be an AAT student with some subject passes that must include an accounting subject

Duties include entering data into Microsoft Excel and analysis of client’s records. Posting to our accounting software and production of trial balance and accounts.
Experience of payroll is an advantage.

We are a small firm of chartered accountants with five desks. All persons in the office are expected to follow the same quality assurance procedures as follows:
Last year’s accounts file is looked through and last year’s Excel files are opened on the screen.
This year’s books and records are checked for missing items that are promptly requested from the client.
This year’s working papers and Excel sheets are prepared using last years as a guide.
Unusual items or anything that needs to be remembered or drawn to anyone’s attention is noted.
The balance sheet control accounts are prepared and balanced.
Cut off working papers are prepared.
Batches are keyed into the IRIS accounts production system.
Balance sheet lead schedules are checked for accuracy and validity.
Multiple year trial balances are reviewed to see if the current year’s amounts are in line with previous year’s amounts.
Annual accounts are printed. The file is indexed. Time worked on clients is recorded in a diary. Notes should be taken on the IRIS system, Excel and Word menu choices and accounting procedures as we may be busy and not able to answer questions.

Training will be given. Notes should be taken. At certain times of the year we may not be able to assist due to working on deadlines and employees with lower levels of experience may find themselves stuck and unable to work. This usually occurs during the first year that an employee is with the firm. Thus, the employee is asked not to come into the office during those days.

We try to give employees a progression to make their working time satisfying. Some of the work is repetitive and we expect employees to check their work before presenting to colleagues. We prefer a clear desk so that client’s papers are not mixed up with each other and work is carried out in a neat and orderly way. Confidentially is crucial.



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